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NodeStealer Malware Targets Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Credentials

The new malware was found stealing saved usernames and passwords in browsers in order to compromise business Gmail, Outlook and Facebook accounts.

Meta, Facebook, Outlook, Malware

Decipher Podcast: David Agranovich

David Agranovich, director of threat disruption with Meta, discusses how threat groups are evolving their targeting of social media platforms in malware and espionage campaigns.

Facebook, Podcast

Meta Disrupts Two Iranian Threat Groups

Meta has disrupted the operations of two Iranian threat actors, including UNC788 and a previously unidentified group, that were using the company's platforms to target a wide range of victims.

Iran, Facebook

Meta Lawsuit Cracks Down on Facebook Phishing Scams

A new lawsuit from Meta seeks to uncover the operators behind 39,000 phishing sites that have attempted to steal Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users' credentials.

Facebook, Phishing

Facebook Disrupts Activity by APT32

Facebook has disrupted attacks on its platform it attributes to APT32, a group based in Vietnam.

Facebook, APT