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APT Actors Exploited Known Zoho, Fortinet Flaws to Hit Aeronautical Org

Fixes for both the Zoho and Fortinet vulnerabilities have been available since last year.

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China-Based APT Flies Under Radar in Espionage Attacks

While the APT has targeted dozens of organizations in Taiwan, researchers with Microsoft warn that its tactics could easily be used in campaigns in other areas.


APT15 Hits Foreign Affairs Ministries With Updated Malware

The China-based hacking group has targeted ministries of foreign affairs across the Americas with updated malware called Graphican.


Newly Discovered Backdoor Used in Lancefly APT Attacks

A "powerful" backdoor has been uncovered in highly targeted, intel-gathering APT attacks.

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Iranian Threat Groups Spread Cyberattack Fears Through Influence Operations

Iranian threat groups are launching cyberattacks - or in some cases saying they are - and then sowing fear around the hacks through online influence operations.

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