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Chinese Cyber Espionage APTs Refocus Strategy

A recent report shows how a smaller set of Chinese APT actors have emerged in the past few years with 'more focused, professionalized, and sophisticated attacks.'

APT, China

APT10 Espionage Attacks on U.S. Orgs Uncovered

A recent wide-ranging campaign shows how APT10 is broadening its victimology beyond Japanese organizations.

APT, Malware

Log4Shell Attacks by Chinese APT Reveal Windows Rootkit

After investigating the Deep Panda APT's recent exploitation attempts of the Log4j flaw, researchers uncovered a new kernel rootkit.

APT, Rootkit, Log4j

A Complex Threat Landscape Muddles Attribution

While increased research and information-sharing have improved the process of attribution, a complex threat landscape is also making it more difficult.

APT, Threat Assessment, Threat Detection

US Cyber Command Discloses MuddyWater Malware Samples

The U.S. government gave details on 17 MuddyWater samples and linked the threat group to the Iranian intelligence service.

APT, Iran, Malware