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State Actors Targeting WinRAR Flaw in Multiple Campaigns

APT groups from Russia and China are targeting CVE-2023-38831 in WinRAR in multiple campaigns, deploying custom and commodity malware.

Russia, China

Volt Typhoon Attack Group Targets U.S. Infrastructure

A group known as Volt Typhoon, that is affiliated with the Chinese government, has been attacking critical infrastructure in Guam and elsewhere in the United States.


Camaro Dragon Group Targets Routers With Malicious Firmware

A Chinese state-affiliated attack group known as Camaro Dragon is targeting some TP-Link routers to install malicious firmware images.


Chinese APT Group Hits Middle East Telecoms

A Chinese APT team has targeted telecom providers in the Middle East with a campaign that may be lined to the Operation Soft Cell actors.


Google Cracks Down on Dragonbridge Pro-China Information Operation

Google has disrupted more than 50,000 accounts linked to the Dragonbridge pro-China information operation in the last year.