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APT Group Exploiting Zero Day in FatPipe Software

The FBI is warning about an APT actor that is exploiting a zero day flaw in the FatPipe software on several products, including MPVPN, WARP, and IPVPN.


Lazarus APT Uses Updated Malware in Potential Supply Chain Attacks

The Lazarus group has been recently observed “building supply-chain attack capabilities” by targeting a legitimate South Korean security software and an IT asset monitoring solution vendor.

Supply Chain, Lazarus, APT

BlackTech Espionage Gang Adds to Malware Toolset

Researchers at VB2021 localhost gave an inside look into new malware families that the BlackTech espionage group is now using.

Malware, APT, Net Exploitation

New Turla Backdoor Identified

Cisco Talos researchers have identified a new backdoor being deployed by the Turla APT against targets in multiple countries.

APT, Russia

Transparent Tribe APT Adds New Windows Malware

The Transparent Tribe APT has evolved its lures, expanded its victimology and added a new malware family to its arsenal.

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