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Failed Attacks Target SolarWinds Serv-U Bug in Log4Shell Campaigns

Microsoft researchers observed attackers exploiting the Log4Shell bug in the SolarWinds Serv-U software.


Tech Leaders, Federal Officials Seek a Way Forward for Open Source Security

White House officials and leaders from Apple, Google, GitHub, and other companies met to discuss ways to improve the security of open source projects critical to national security.

Open Source, Log4j

China-Based Actors Using Log4Shell Bug for Ransomware Deployment

Threat actors known as DEV-0401 based in China are exploiting the Log4Shell vulnerability to deploy the NightSky ransomware.


APT35 Executes PowerShell-Based Malware in Log4j Flaw Attacks

The Iran-linked threat actor is exploiting the infamous Log4j bug in order to execute a new PowerShell data exfiltration toolkit.

Apt35, Log4j, Malware

Researchers Find Log4Shell Type Flaw in H2 Database Console

Researchers have found a Log4Shell-like flaw in the H2 database console, which allows remote code execution.