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Lazarus Group Log4j Attacks Spread New Malware Families

The campaign indicates a “definitive shift” in the threat group’s tactics as it continues to rely on non-traditional technologies and frameworks for developing its malware.

Malware, Lazarus

New MacOS Malware Emerges in North Korean APT Attacks

A new macOS malware, called "RustBucket," is used in a multi-stage attack.

Lazarus, North Korea

Lazarus Group Exploited Log4j Flaw to Target Energy Firms

The North Korean state-sponsored group has been targeting VMware Horizon servers vulnerable to Log4j in order to infect energy firms with malware.


Treasury Department Sanctions Tornado Cash Crypto Mixer

Tornado Cash is the second virtual currency mixer in three months to be sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department.

Lazarus, Cryptocurrency

CISA: Lazarus APT Targeting Blockchain Orgs With TraderTraitor Malware

The Lazarus APT group is targeting cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations with malware called TraderTraitor, warns the U.S. government.