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Winter Vivern APT Targeting Ukrainian, European Organizations

A low-profile attack group known as Winter Vivern has recently been targeting government and private organizations in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, and elsewhere.

APT, Russia

YoroTrooper Group Targets European, CIS Countries in Cyberespionage Campaigns

The newly identified YoroTrooper group is targeting embassies and government agencies in European and Commonwealth of Independent States countries in phishing campaigns.


Cobalt Mirage Actors Deploying Drokbk Malware in Recent Campaigns

The Iranian Cobalt Mirage threat group has been using the Drokbk malware in recent intrusions and employing GitHub repositories as dead drop resolvers.

APT, Iran

North Korean APT37 Used Internet Explorer Zero Day

A North Korean state-backed actor known for targeting South Korean victims recently used an Internet Explorer zero day (CVE-2022-41128).

APT, North Korea

APTs Stole Sensitive Data From Defense Industrial Base Facility

The FBI, NSA and CISA are highlighting IoCs and TTPs used in an attack on a defense industrial base organization that leveraged compromised credentials, a custom data exfiltration tool and the Impacket open-source toolkit.