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Mint Sandstorm APT Targets Universities, Researchers

A new phishing campaign by a subset of the Iranian threat group Mint Sandstorm is targeting universities and research organizations with custom backdoors.


Iranian Threat Group Targets Cloud With Password Spraying Attacks

An Iran state-backed group called Peach Sandstorm is using password spraying attacks to target cloud environments in organizations across many industries.

Microsoft, Iran

Iranian Charming Kitten Group Evolves Tools and Tactics

The Charming Kitten attack group is using new tools and tactics in recent operations, including a new macOS backdoor called NokNok.


Iranian Threat Groups Spread Cyberattack Fears Through Influence Operations

Iranian threat groups are launching cyberattacks - or in some cases saying they are - and then sowing fear around the hacks through online influence operations.

Iran, APT

Cobalt Mirage Actors Deploying Drokbk Malware in Recent Campaigns

The Iranian Cobalt Mirage threat group has been using the Drokbk malware in recent intrusions and employing GitHub repositories as dead drop resolvers.

APT, Iran