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NVIDIA Confirms Theft of Employee Credentials

NVIDIA said attackers stole some employee credentials and other proprietary company information that is being leaked online.

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Q&A: Mike Hanley

Mike Hanley, CSO of GitHub, recently joined Dennis Fisher on the Decipher podcast to discuss the White House open source security summit in January, the Log4j response, and the challenges of helping millions of developers secure their projects.


Revamped Anchor Malware Targets Windows Systems

Researchers believe that attackers behind the Anchor malware, the Trickbot gang, have ceased Trickbot operations are instead focusing on deploying stealthier versions of other malware families.

Malware, Windows, Trickbot

Decipher Podcast: Mike Hanley

Mike Hanley, CSO at GitHub and former VP of security at Duo Security, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about the open source security summit at the White House, the Log4j response, and how the tech industry can support the open source community.

Podcast, Github

China-Linked Group Using New Daxin Backdoor

A China-linked threat actor is using a highly sophisticated backdoor called Daxin that implements its own communication protocol and has been deployed against military and critical infrastructure targets.


Decipher Podcast: Source Code 2/25

Welcome back to Source Code, Decipher’s weekly news podcast with input from our sources.

Source Code, Podcast

Cuba Ransomware Exploits Microsoft Exchange Flaws

Ransomware actors have increasingly shifted their tactics to exploit flaws as part of their initial infection vector.

Ransomware, Microsoft Exchange, Proxyshell

Wiper Malware Hits Organizations in Ukraine

Researchers observed wiper malware and DDoS attacks impacting organizations in Ukraine this week.

Malware, Cyberattack

CISA Warns of Ongoing Attacks by MuddyWater APT

U.S. agencies are warning that the Iranian-backed APT group MuddyWater is targeting organizations in many industries in North America and elsewhere.

Malware, Iran

Sandworm Group Deploying New Cyclops Blink Malware

The Russian Sandworm threat actor has been deploying a new piece of malware called Cyclops Blink, warns CISA and NSA.

Malware, Russia

Dridex Malware Spreads Entropy Ransomware In Recent Cyberattacks

Researchers point to a possible common origin between the Dridex malware and Entropy ransomware due to code similarities.

Malware, Ransomware

Hybrid Workforces Face Unique Phishing Challenges

Phishing attacks have increased across the board over the past year as companies continue to grapple with unique remote and hybrid work environment challenges.

Phishing, Remote Work

Decipher Podcast: Nitin Natarajan

Nitin Natarajan, deputy director for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), talks about how the agency is tackling various emerging security challenges more effectively.

Podcast, Cisa

GitHub Opens Up Security Advisory Database

GitHub is opening is security Advisory Database to contributions to the community, allowing new research and improvements to help secure the software supply chain.


IRS Facial Recognition Backlash Highlights Broader Privacy Concerns

Facial recognition technology is coming under fire for privacy concerns around how biometrics data is collected, stored and used.

Facial Recognition, Privacy