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Decipher Podcast: Dan Lorenc Returns

Dan Lorenc, co-founder and CEO of Chainguard, joins Dennis Fisher to dig into the recent XZ Utils backdoor incident, the implications for the open source ecosystem, and what can be done to avoid similar incidents in the future. Then they discuss the problems facing NIST's National Vulnerability Database and the CVE ecosystem.


Decipher Podcast: Rick Gordon

Rick Gordon of Tidal Cyber joins Dennis Fisher to discuss his path from the US Naval Academy to submarine officer to Wall Street and finally to the cybersecurity industry, where he's worked for the last 25 years. Dennis and Rick also talk about the importance of the community aspect of cybersecurity and why it's vital to the collective defense.


CISA Releases Cyber Incident Reporting Rule Draft

CISA has laid out the proposed details of the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act (CIRCIA).


Decipher Podcast: Source Code 3/29

Welcome back to Source Code, Decipher's weekly news wrap podcast with input from our sources.

Source Code

Red Hat, CISA Warn of XZ Utils Backdoor

The malicious code (which is being tracked as CVE-2024-3094) is embedded in XZ Utils versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1, and may allow unauthorized access to impacted systems.

Open Source

U.S. Offers Reward For BlackCat Ransomware Group Intel

The U.S. government is looking for more information about the individuals affiliated with the BlackCat ransomware group, which was behind the Change Healthcare attack.


Organizations Grapple With Identity Pain Points

Cisco's 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index showed that 36 percent of respondents ranked identity protection as a major challenge.


The Unique AI Cybersecurity Challenges in the Financial Sector

A new report by the Treasury Department looks at both the challenges and the opportunities when it comes to AI and cybersecurity in the financial sector.


Google: Zero-Day Attacks Surged in 2023

Google reported that 97 flaws were exploited in the wild in 2023, up 50 percent from the number of zero-day attacks recorded in 2022.

Zero Day

Critical Fortinet Flaw Now Actively Exploited

Fortinet earlier this month disclosed and issued a patch for the flaw (CVE-2023-48788), which exists in FortiClientEMS, its central management solution for endpoints.


Decipher Podcast: Jack Cable

Jack Cable, senior technical advisor at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), talks about his past experiences with bug bounty programs, CISA’s Secure By Design initiative and its efforts to help secure the open-source software ecosystem.


APT29 Phishing Attack Targets German Political Parties

Researchers observed APT29 using phishing emails in order to target German political parties with a new backdoor variant in late February.


U.S. Sanctions, Indicts Alleged Members of Chinese APT31

The U.S. has announced sanctions against a Chinese state-backed company and two individuals, as well as indictments against seven people alleged to part of China's APT31 threat group.


Q&A: Karen Habercoss

Karen Habercoss, chief privacy officer with UChicago Medicine, talks to Decipher about the unique data privacy and security challenges that the healthcare sector faces, and how organizations in this industry are approaching areas like AI and identity management.

AI, Identity Management, Healthcare

Ransomware, Backdoors Deployed in JetBrains Flaw Attacks

Researchers released further details about exploitation campaigns targeting the critical-severity JetBrains flaw.