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Proposed Bill Would Mandate Federal Contractor VDPs

The newly proposed Federal Cybersecurity Vulnerability Reduction Act mandate vulnerability disclosure policies for contractors.

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Google Launches Bug Bounty Program For Open Source Projects

Google will reward the discoveries of flaws found in its open source software projects, such as Golang, Angular and Fuchsia.

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For Bug Bounties, ‘Knowing is Less Than Half the Battle’

Bug bounty programs can be invaluable, but without the proper resources in place, they will fail hard.

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‘Drive It Like You Stole It’: When Bug Bounties Went Boom, Part Three

During Barack Obama's second term, some top administration officials began looking at bounties as a potential way to jump-start the effort to upgrade federal government's security programs. The idea was a radical one, so they decided to start slowly, by hacking the Pentagon.

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Uprising in the Valley: When Bug Bounties Went Boom, Part Two

Following the success of the bounty programs started by companies such as iDefense, Zero Day Initiative, and Mozilla, technology companies and platform providers began rolling out bounties of their own. Among the big players to enter the game were Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and eventually, Microsoft.

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