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U.S. Government Disrupts Botnet Used by Russian GRU Hackers

The operation marks the latest effort by U.S. law enforcement to knock down malicious cyber operations.

Botnet, Fbi

New Chaos Malware Targets Windows and Linux Devices

A new piece of malware known as Chaos that is built for Windows and Linux systems is infecting home routers, enterprise servers, and other devices and launching DDoS attacks.

Malware, Botnet, China

Linux Botnet Targets Weak SSH Server Credentials

A new botnet targets weak SSH server credentials, but its limited DDoS capabilities and "curious changes" leave researchers questioning its motivations.

Botnet, Mirai

Lemon Duck Botnet Targets Exposed Docker APIs

The prolific botnet, which previously targeted vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers, is now gaining initial access via exposed Docker APIs.

Docker, Cryptomining, Botnet

Mirai-Based Botnet Infects Vulnerable Surveillance Cameras

The Moobot botnet has been infecting popular surveillance cameras and using them in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Botnet, Mirai