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KashmirBlack Botnet Targets Unpatched CMS Software

The KashmirBlack botnet exploits multiple flaws in popular content management systems (CMS) is behind millions of attacks per day, including mining for cryptocurrency, redirecting website traffic to spam sites, and defacing websites, Imperva said.


Microsoft Continues Dismantling Trickbot

Talk about a Whack-a-Mole Operation. Microsoft tries to disable Trickbot command-and-control servers faster than botnet operators can rebuild new infrastructure.


Trickbot Up to Its Old Tricks

Days after a takedown operation, the Trickbot botnet is back up and running with new C2 servers in Europe and South America.

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Microsoft Disrupts Necurs Botnet

Microsoft has taken over the control infrastructure for the Necurs botnet, disrupting the operations of the notorious spam and malware-distribution network.

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Geost Android Botnet Discovered by Basic Mistakes

Even the most sophisticated botnet can be discovered if the group doesn't take steps to hide its activities.