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‘Drive It Like You Stole It’: When Bug Bounties Went Boom, Part Three

During Barack Obama's second term, some top administration officials began looking at bounties as a potential way to jump-start the effort to upgrade federal government's security programs. The idea was a radical one, so they decided to start slowly, by hacking the Pentagon.

Bug Bounty

Decipher Podcast: Zoe Lindsey

Dennis Fisher talks with Zoe Lindsey, one of the early Duo Security employees, about her entrance into hacker culture, finding her way in the tech world, and the importance of lifelong learning.


Uprising in the Valley: When Bug Bounties Went Boom, Part Two

Following the success of the bounty programs started by companies such as iDefense, Zero Day Initiative, and Mozilla, technology companies and platform providers began rolling out bounties of their own. Among the big players to enter the game were Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and eventually, Microsoft.

Bug Bounty

Lawyers, Bugs, and Money: When Bug Bounties Went Boom

Bug bounties have grown from a niche idea to encourage independent security research into a massive business and a legitimate career path for bug hunters in less than 15 years. This is the story of the hackers who made that happen.

Bug Bounty

Cybercriminals Beginning to Leverage Proxyware for Malware Installation

Some cybercrime groups are using trojaned proxyware installers to gain a foothold on victim machines and install malware and cryptominers.

Malware, Cryptomining

Tech Companies Pledge Billions for Critical Infrastructure Security Upgrades, Training

Google, Microsoft and IBM plan to spend billions of dollars in the next five years to aid the Biden administration's move to shore up government and critical infrastructure security.


New Tools Target Pulse Connect Secure Flaws

CISA has released analyses of five new pieces of malware being used in attacks against known bugs in Pulse Connect Secure appliances.

Vpn, Cisa

ProxyShell Attacks Escalate

Attackers are stepping up their scanning for Exchange servers vulnerable to the ProxyShell vulnerabilities and installing webshells, ransomware, and other malware.

Microsoft Security, Proxyshell

Decipher Podcast: Jonathan Mayer

Jonathan Mayer, assistant professor of computer science at Princeton University, joins Dennis Fisher to discuss the technical and legal challenges of Apple's announced CSAM scanning system.


Critical Bug in Kalay IoT Protocol Threatens Millions of Devices

A critical flaw in the ThroughTek Kalay Io platform could allow an attacker complete access to IP cameras, DVRs, and other devices.

Iot Security

GitHub Drops Passwords in Favor of 2FA

GitHub has eliminated support for passwords for Git operations and now requires the use of a hardware security key or other strong 2FA option.

Supply Chain, Github

Multiple Flaws in Realtek SDK Affect Wide Range of IoT Devices

Several vulnerabilities in the Realtek SDK expose millions of IoT devices to remote code execution.

Iot Security

Vice Society Ransomware Actors Target PrintNightmare

A newer ransomware group known as Vice Society is targeting the PrintNightmare vulnerabilities in some of its intrusions now.

Ransomware, Microsoft, Printnightmare

New TA505 Campaign Uses Signed Files to Drop ServHelper Malware

TA505, a well-known cybercrime group, is using signed MSI files and other techniques to install the ServHelper RAT on victims' systems.

Ransomware, Malware

Attackers Scanning for Exchange Servers Vulnerable to ProxyShell

Details of the ProxyShell Exchange server flaws are now public and attackers have begun scanning the Internet for vulnerable servers.