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New MetaStealer Malware Targets macOS Users

A new strain of infostealer targeting Macs, known as MetaStealer, is hitting enterprises.


Decipher Podcast: Trickbot Sanctions, Apple Zero Days, and a Stolen Microsoft Key

Decipher editors Dennis Fisher and Lindsey O'Donnell-Welch break down a busy news week, including Microsoft's revelations about the theft of its signing key, the Trickbot group sanctions, and some new Apple iOS zero days.

Apple, Podcast, Microsoft, Trickbot

Apple Fixes Two Actively Exploited Flaws

Apple has rolled out iOS 16.6.1, iPadOS 16.6.1, watchOS 9.6.2 and macOS Ventura 13.5.2 to address the security flaws.

Apple, Zero Day

APT Actors Exploited Known Zoho, Fortinet Flaws to Hit Aeronautical Org

Fixes for both the Zoho and Fortinet vulnerabilities have been available since last year.

Apt, Fortinet

U.S., U.K. Hit Trickbot Group With Fresh Sanctions

The Department of the Treasury and the U.K. government have sanctioned 11 alleged members of the Trickbot group and say the group is allied with Russian intelligence.

Trickbot, Russia

Microsoft: Compromised Account, Series of Errors Led to Email Cloud Hack

Microsoft answered lingering questions about how China-based threat actors acquired a Microsoft account consumer signing key, leading to the previously disclosed hack of several Outlook accounts.


W3LL Phishing Kit Targets Microsoft 365 Accounts

A threat group, active for six years, has created an underground marketplace where it sells at least 16 custom tools and an advanced phishing kit to a clientele of at least 500 threat actors.


Adversaries Shift Tactics in Attacks on Citrix NetScaler Flaw

Attackers are continuing to adjust their tactics in their attacks against Citrix devices vulnerable to the CVE-2023-3519 flaw.


Xen Fixes Cache Flaw

The Xen Project has released an update to address a bug (CVE-2023-34321) that can allow a guest to read sensitive data from another's guest's memory.


Exploit Code For Critical VMware Bug Published

Exploit code has been published for a critical-severity flaw in VMware's network monitoring tool, the company said on Thursday.

Exploit, Vmware

Analyzing the Qakbot Disruption

Decipher editors Dennis Fisher and Lindsey O'Donnell-Welch discuss the FBI's disruption of the Qakbot malware operation and what it might mean for the larger malware ecosystem.


Decipher Podcast: Source Code 9/1

Welcome back to Source Code, Decipher's weekly news wrap podcast with input from our sources.

Source Code, Podcast

Splunk Patches ANSI Bug in ITSI

Splunk has released updates to fix an odd bug that allows an attacker to inject special codes into log files, potentially leading to remote code execution.


Tech Companies Mull Strategies to Block Threat Groups From Abusing Platforms

Researchers recently examined more than 400 malware families and found that 25 percent of them abused legitimate internet services as part of their attack infrastructure.

Google, Microsoft

New Cyber Espionage Campaign Targets Tech, Government Entities

The newly discovered threat group compromises companies and then moves laterally on the network, exfiltrating data, logging keystrokes and more along the way.