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Ransomware Group Targeted Dragos in Unsuccessful Extortion Attempt

A known ransomware group was able to access limited information resources, which it then attempted to use in an unsuccessful extortion attempt against the company.

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Decipher Podcast: Dawn Cappelli

Decipher talks to Dawn Cappelli, director of OT-CERT at Dragos, about the challenges of securing operational technology, particularly for organizations with limited budget and resources.

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ICS Security Requires Private-Public Sector Synergy

Government officials and technology experts call for more collaboration between the public and private sectors when it comes to securing industrial control system environments.

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Attacks Knock Supercomputing Sites Offline

A series of possibly related incidents has forced supercomputing site ARCHER in the UK and several others in Germany offline in the past few days.

Critical Infrastructure Security

Ransomware Attacks Factory Honeypot

The latest investigation by Trend Micro Research observed multiple instances of fraud and ransomware attacks on networks with industrial control systems. For these organizations, sophisticated malware like Stuxnet and Triton aren't their biggest headaches.

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