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Executives Navigate Operational Technology Security Challenges

While boards of directors and C-Suite executives are better understanding the value of operational technology security, challenges remain in the complexity of these systems and potential impact should threat actors attack them.

Critical Infrastructure

White House Advisory Group: Water Sector Needs Cybersecurity National Standard

The White House advisory group acknowledged that water providers face various cybersecurity workforce and budgetary issues.

White House, Critical Infrastructure

New Tech Coalition Aims to Improve Network Resilience

A new coalition of tech companies, including AT&T, Cisco, Verizon, and VMware, is aiming to address the challenges to global network resilience.

Government, Critical Infrastructure

White House Maps Out National Cybersecurity Strategy

The White House has dropped the long-awaited plan for executing its National Cybersecurity Strategy, which involves 65 initiatives and 18 government agencies.

Government, Critical Infrastructure

Former Contractor Charged in California Water Treatment Plant Hack

A California man allegedly gained unauthorized access to a water treatment plant network, “causing a threat to public health and safety,” according to the DoJ.

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