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Bill Would Provide Funding for Security Research on Energy Infrastructure

A new bill would provide funding for security research at the university level into threats to the energy sector.

Critical Infrastructure, Government

Resilience Seen as a Key to Critical Infrastructure Security

Attackers are focusing their attention on critical infrastructure operators, and building resilience into those networks is a key to defending them, experts say.

Government, Critical Infrastructure

The Challenge of Securing Critical Operational Technology Systems at the Ground Level

As the federal government contemplates how it approaches operational technology security measures, a "big opportunity" exists as infrastructure is upgraded or replaced.

Critical Infrastructure

FBI: BlackByte Ransomware Targeted Critical Infrastructure

The ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) group has compromised organizations across the government, financial and food and agriculture sectors since November.

Ransomware, Critical Infrastructure

Bill Would Mandate Critical Infrastructure Cyber Incident Reporting

A newly introduced legislative package would require cyber incident reporting for critical infrastructure entities.

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