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CISA Warns of Critical Flaw in Honeywell SoftMaster PLC Software

A critical vulnerability in the Honeywell SoftMaster PLC controller software can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable machines.

ICS Security

Trio of Flaws Allows Remote Takeover of Some APC UPS Devices

Three vulnerabilities in some models of APC UPS devices can allow an attacker to upload a malicious firmware image and use the devices for further network attacks.

ICS Security

CISA Warns of Serious Flaws in Many DDS Implementations

CISA is warning ICS operators of a number of vulnerabilities in some open-source and proprietary data distribution service implementations that can lead to remote code execution.

ICS Security

ICS Security Requires Private-Public Sector Synergy

Government officials and technology experts call for more collaboration between the public and private sectors when it comes to securing industrial control system environments.

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BadAlloc Memory Flaws Found in Dozens of IoT, Embedded Devices

More than 25 memory allocation flaws have been discovered in real time operating systems from Google, Amazon, and many other vendors that are used in IoT devices.

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