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The Creeping Threat of Security Debt

A new study shows that more than 70 percent of organizations have applications with vulnerabilities that are more than a year old, and nearly 50 percent have critical bugs that old.

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Software Supply Chain Security: ‘An Everybody Problem’

At the RSA Conference this week, government officials and cybersecurity executives mulled over the multiple layers of challenges in securing the software supply chain.

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CISA Director: ‘Strong Security Has to Be a Standard Feature’

CISA Director Jen Easterly called on technology companies to focus on building products more securely and to stop shifting the burden for safety to customers.

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Q&A: Chris Eng

Chris Eng, chief research officer at Veracode, recently joined Dennis Fisher on the Decipher podcast to talk about the company's new State of Software Security report and trends in enterprise security.

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Ingredient List Only Part of the Recipe to Fix Supply Chain Security

The requirement for vendors to provide a software bill of materials for the apps they sell to federal agencies will only address part of the supply chain risk, experts say.

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