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Malicious Code Found in Package Repositories

Attackers have increasingly targeted the software supply chain by populating package managers such as RubyGems and npm with malicious code.

Software Security, Open Source

GitHub Releases Integrated Code Scanning Feature

GitHub has released a new code-scanning feature for both public and private repositories that finds security flaws before they make it into a codebase.

Software Security

Decipher Podcast: David Brumley

David Brumley of Carnegie Mellon University and ForAllSecure joins Dennis Fisher to talk about securing the software supply chain.

Podcast, Software Security

Older Bugs in Software Add to Security Debt

In the rush to fix newer vulnerabilities, the older ones are left unaddressed. The resulting security debt increases the organization's risk of a breach, Veracode warned.

Application Security, Appdev, Appsec, Software Security, Software Development

Being on the Latest Windows Version Can Thwart Zero Days

Zero day vulnerabilities exploited in the wild is never good news, but if the user's machine is running the latest version of the operating system, the chances are good that the attack won't be successful against that machine, according to a Microsoft security engineer.

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