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LockBit Ransomware Variant Targets MacOS

LockBit’s macOS ransomware version is in active development and currently poses no risk to Mac users, but security researchers are concerned about future ransomware threats to the macOS landscape.

Macos, Macos Security, Ransomware

Researchers Warn of Uptick in Qakbot Malware Attacks

Researchers warn of a "significant increase" in emails aiming to deliver the Qakbot malware.

Banking Malware, Phishing

New Domino Malware Used to Deliver Infostealers, Cobalt Strike

Researchers believe that the Domino malware is being deployed by former Conti members and has been developed by FIN7, indicating “at least some level of collaboration between the two groups."

Malware, Conti, Trickbot

Cyberspace Solarium Commission: Space Systems Need Critical Infrastructure Label

The cybersecurity issues challenging space systems warrant the attention and resources that come with the critical infrastructure designation, the CSC argues.

Cyberspace Solarium Commission

Tech Companies Unveil New Hacking Policy Council, Legal Defense Fund for Researchers

Google, Luta Security, Bugcrowd and other companies have started a new hacking Policy Council and Security Research Legal Defense Fund to help security researchers work more safely.

Google, Government

Transparent Tribe APT Hits Indian Education Sector

Researchers at SentinelLabs recently observed Transparent Tribe evolving its tactics in recent attacks against the Indian education sector.

Apt, Education

QuaDream Spyware Used to Target Journalists, Activists

QuaDream's spyware has been used in hacks against journalists, political dissidents and non-government organization workers in North America, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Malware, Spyware

‘Assume the Humans are Human and Bad Things Will Happen’

Building resilient networks that are resistant to attack and allow users to do their jobs can change the way organizations handle security.

Nsa, Government

Microsoft Patches Windows CLFS Zero Day

Microsoft has patched a zero day in the Windows common log file system driver that has been actively exploited.


Critical Flaw Patched in VM2 Sandbox

A critical flaw (CVE-2023-29017) has been patched in the VM2 sandbox that runs on Node.js.


Apple Warns of Two Zero Days Under Attack

Apple is warning about two zero days in macOS and iOS that are under active attack.


Microsoft and Partners Move to Disrupt Use of Cracked Cobalt Strike Copies

Microsoft, Fortra, and the Health-ISAC have obtained a court order to disrupt the use of cracked copies of Cobalt Strike, which are often used in ransomware intrusions.

Ransomware, Microsoft

Decipher Podcast: Mike Hanley Returns

Mike Hanley, CSO and SVP of engineering at GitHub, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about the company's move to enforce 2FA for all developers, the changing role of the CISO, and what's ahead for software supply chain security.


FBI Takes Down Genesis Market

U.S. law enforcement authorities have taken down the Genesis Market darknet marketplace, which sold stolen data and initial access.

Government, Cybercrime

Google Reveals More Details of North Korean APT43 Activity

Google's elite Threat Analysis Group has revealed more details of the North Korean APT43 group, which is refers to as Archipelago.

North Korea