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U.S. Indicts Four Russians Allegedly Behind Triton and Dragonfly Attacks

The U.S. has indicted four Russians it alleges are affiliated with the FSB and GRU units responsible for the Triton and Dragonfly attacks against critical infrastructure in the United States and abroad.


North Korean Actors Exploited Chrome Flaw to Target U.S. Orgs

Google researchers have detailed campaigns by two North Korean government-backed groups that exploited a now-fixed Chrome flaw to target organizations across various industries.

Lazarus, Google Chrome, Exploit Kits

Azure Developers Targeted By Malicious NPM Packages

A recent campaign targeted Azure developers with malicious npm packages designed to look like legitimate tools.

Supply Chain

Lapsus$ Group Uses ‘Unique Blend’ of Social Engineering, Identity-Centric Tactics

The Lapsus$ group, which most recently claimed breaches of Microsoft and Okta, relies on several tactics used less frequently by other threat groups.

Data Breaches, Threat Actors

Microsoft Confirms Hack by Lapsus$ Group

Microsoft has confirmed that the Lapsus$ group gained "limited" access after the group leaked Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana source code.

Source Code, Microsoft

Okta Says Small Percentage of Customers Affected by Breach

The Lapsus$ hacking and extortion group claims to have had access to internal Okta systems since January, but the company said it looked into the incident at a third party and it was contained.

Okta, Data Breaches

FBI: AvosLocker Ransomware Hitting U.S. Critical Infrastructure

The AvosLocker ransomware-as-a-service is spread via ProxyShell exploits and spam email messages, and in some cases attackers threaten DDoS attacks during negotiations.

Ransomware, Fbi

Google Details New ‘Exotic Lily’ Initial Access Group

A new initial access broker known as Exotic Lily has used exploits for zero days and sells network access to cybercrime teams such as FIN12 for ransomware deployment.

Google, Malware

Container Escape Flaw Fixed in CRI-O Runtime Engine

A critical container escape flaw in the CRI-O Kubernetes runtime engine has been patched.


OpenSSL Fixes High-Severity Bug

OpenSSL has fixed a high-risk denial-of-service vulnerability in several versions of the software.


CafePress Faces Fine Over Data Breach Cover Up

The American online retailer will be required to pay half a million dollars and improve its security practices by implementing MFA and encrypting sensitive data.

Data Breaches, Ftc

Mobile Zero-Day, Phishing Attacks on the Rise

A recent report found that phishing attacks and zero-day exploits that target mobile devices have crept up over the past year.

Mobile, Phishing

Qakbot Email Thread Hijacking Attacks Drop Multiple Payloads

Researchers have observed attackers leveraging email thread hijacking tactics to spread the Qakbot malware, which in turn deploys multiple payloads.

Malware, Email

Decipher Podcast: Source Code 3/11

This week's Source Code podcast by Decipher takes a look behind the scenes at top news with input from our sources.

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Online Contact Forms Used in BazarLoader Attacks

Threat actors are attempting to gain the trust of victims by pretending to be a potential customer and filling out an online contact form before launching the BazarLoader attack.

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