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Flaws on Nucleus TCP/IP Stack Impact Safety-Critical Devices

Siemens has issued patches after a set of 13 vulnerabilities was discovered in the Nucleus TCP/IP stack.

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Device Security is ‘The Big Hairy Monster Under the Bed’

The security of IoT and non-general purpose computing devices represents a systemic risk to corporate and national security, experts say.

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Critical Bug in Kalay IoT Protocol Threatens Millions of Devices

A critical flaw in the ThroughTek Kalay Io platform could allow an attacker complete access to IP cameras, DVRs, and other devices.

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Multiple Flaws in Realtek SDK Affect Wide Range of IoT Devices

Several vulnerabilities in the Realtek SDK expose millions of IoT devices to remote code execution.

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Fundamental Flaw in RNGs Affects Many IoT Devices

The use of weak random number generators in many IoT devices undermines the security of the encryption keys those devices generate.

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