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House Passes IoT Security Bill

The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bipartisan bill setting minimum security requirements for Internet of Things devices connected to federal networks. The next step: get the Senate to vote on its version of the bill.

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Enterprise, Embedded Devices at Risk From Ripple20 Bugs

Hundreds of millions of embedded and enterprise devices are vulnerable to a long list of flaws in the Treck TCP/IP stack.

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Urgent/11 Flaws Now Affect Broader Range of Medical, Network Devices

The Urgent/11 vulnerabilities in the IPnet stack affect a much broader range of devices than originally thought.

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Data Shows IoT Security is Moving Backward

An extensive study by the Cyber Independent Testing Lab of IoT device firmware shows many vendors removing hardening technologies over time.

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The Curious Case of Silexbot

The Silexbot malware is compromising IoT devices and destroying their file systems and rebooting them, in an apparent attempt to stop botnet controllers from owning them.

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