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Pair of Serious Flaws Patched in BIND 9

A pair of serious vulnerabilities have been fixed in the widely deployed BIND 9 DNS server.


ISC Patches Serious DoS Flaw in BIND

The ISC has released a fix for a serious denial-of-service vulnerability in many versions of BIND 9.


Ransomware Actors Leaning on DNS Tunneling

Ransomware groups are using DNS tunneling more and more as a way to exfiltrate data and send commands to infected machines.

DNS, Ransomware

IoT, Industrial Devices Impacted By Name:Wreck Vulnerabilities

Researchers found nine flaws that highlight the weaknesses of DNS protocol implementations in TCP/IP network communication stacks.

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New DNS Abuse Institute Tackles Malicious Activity

The Public Interest Registry launched the DNS Abuse Institute to coordinate efforts by domain registrars and internet registries to stomp out abuses of the domain name system.

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