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The Origin of Threat Groups: Scaling Out Operations

Threat groups are getting better at scaling out operations through affiliate relationships and partnerships.


Regional U.S. Government Agency Hit With LockBit Ransomware

Researchers observed a "very messy attack" on a regional U.S. government agency where attackers lurked in the network for at least five months before ransomware was deployed.

Ransomware, Government Agencies

Decipher Podcast: Martin Roesch

Martin Roesch, CEO of Netography and creator of Snort and former CEO of Sourcefire, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about why he decided to come out of retirement and what the big challenges are for security right now.


Spring Framework Flaw Exploited in Mirai Malware Attacks

The previously discovered RCE flaw in the Spring framework is being leveraged by attackers to deploy the Mirai botnet malware.

Mirai, Malware, Java

The Origin of Threat Groups: Setting the Foundation

The Conti leaks show how threat groups have refined the process of building out their resources, talent and infrastructure.

Cybercrime, Threat Actors

Decipher Podcast: Source Code 4/8

This week's Source Code podcast by Decipher takes a look behind the scenes at top news with input from our sources.

Source Code

Meta Disrupts Two Iranian Threat Groups

Meta has disrupted the operations of two Iranian threat actors, including UNC788 and a previously unidentified group, that were using the company's platforms to target a wide range of victims.

Iran, Facebook

FIN7 Member Sentenced to Five Years in Jail

Denys Iarmak, 32, is the third member of the infamous FIN7 cybercrime group to be sentenced in the U.S.


Government Needs to be ‘Postured for the Future’ of Cyber Threats

The U.S. government and military is looking to attract and retain more talented cyber operators to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.


APT10 Espionage Attacks on U.S. Orgs Uncovered

A recent wide-ranging campaign shows how APT10 is broadening its victimology beyond Japanese organizations.

Apt, Malware

NSA Director: ‘We Need Speed, Agility, and Unity of Effort’

Joint partnerships between the government and private sector are helping to harden U.S. networks and address ongoing threats.


Hydra Market Takedown Indicative of ‘More Intense’ Law Enforcement Efforts

The takedown by German authorities of Hydra Market is only the latest law enforcement operation impacting darknet marketplaces.

Dark Web, Cybercrime

Decipher Podcast: Tazin Khan

Tazin Khan, founder of Cyber Collective, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about the ethos behind the group's work and the challenges of educating people about the safest ways to use technology.


FIN7 Evolves With New Malware, Initial Access Tactics

The threat group has been using a new initial access vector and a novel malware family in the first stages of its attack.

Malware, Cybercrime, Fin7

Decipher Podcast: Source Code 4/1

This week's Source Code podcast by Decipher takes a look behind the scenes at top news with input from our sources.

Source Code, Podcast