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Security Industry Mulls Spyware ‘Whack-A-Mole’ Problem

As the commercial spyware market continues to grow, public and private sector organizations are considering all their options - from financial sanctions to a complete global moratorium.


QuaDream Spyware Used to Target Journalists, Activists

QuaDream's spyware has been used in hacks against journalists, political dissidents and non-government organization workers in North America, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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Google Exposes Heliconia Exploit Framework Targeting Chrome, Firefox, Windows

Google's Threat Analysis Group has exposed a new exploit framework called Heliconia that may have been used to exploit zero days in Chrome, Firefox, and Windows.

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Experts Urge Congress to Pressure Commercial Spyware Vendors

Researchers from Google and Citizen Lab urged Congress to use intelligence agencies, diplomatic, and economic means to pressure commercial spyware vendors such as NSO Group.

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Pegasus Spyware Operations Targeted UK Gov Officials, Catalans in Spain

Citizen Lab researchers disclosed two separate operations where the Pegasus spyware was deployed, including one against official UK government networks and another against 65 Catalan individuals in Spain.

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