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Flaw in Crypto Library Causes Revocation of SSH Keys for Git Services

A flaw in the keypair library that caused it to generate weak RSA keys for SSH has caused GitHub and other services to revoke many organizations' keys.

Github, Cryptography

Better Living Through Resilience

The SolarWinds breach, ransomware epidemic and other threats have emphasized the urgent need for more resilient systems.

Rsa2021, Cryptography

Microsoft to Remove Windows Updates Using SHA-1 Hash

Microsoft strikes another nail in the SHA-1 coffin with the announcement that all updates that had been signed using SHA-1 hash will be removed from the Microsoft Download Center.


OpenSSH Will Deprecate SHA-1

OpenSSH will soon deprecate the use of SHA-1 because of the risk of specific attacks against the algorithm.

SSH, Cryptography

SHA-1 ‘Fully and Practically Broken’ By New Collision

A chosen prefix collision in SHA-1 has demonstrated a new issue with the venerable hash function developed by the NSA.