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Google Gives Enterprises Control of Workspace Encryption Keys

Google Workspace's new client-side encryption feature allows enterprises to control their own keys.

Google, Encryption

House Bill Would Ban States From Weakening Encryption

The ENCRPYT Act reintroduced in the House of Representatives last week would prevent states from passing laws to weaken or ban encryption.

Government, Encryption

Civil Liberties Groups Decry Calls for Encryption Backdoors

A coalition of civil liberties groups from the U.S. and Europe is warning about the potential consequences of backdoors in encryption systems.


House Version of EARN IT Act Introduced

The EARN IT Act has now made its was into the House of Representatives, with a key change from the Senate version's stance on encryption.

Encryption, Government

Tech, Privacy Groups Urge Senators to Oppose EARN IT Act

A large coalition of privacy and civil liberty groups have sent a letter urging senators to oppose the EARN IT Act.

Privacy, Encryption