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Firefox 103 Fixes Serious Memory Safety Flaws

Firefox 103 fixes a number of security vulnerabilities, including several memory safety flaws.

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Mozilla Fixes Critical Flaw in NSS Crypto Library

Mozilla has fixed a critical buffer overflow in its NSS cryptographic library that had been lurking in the code for several years.


Mozilla Rally Aims to Give Control of Personal Data Back to Users

Mozilla Rally is a new data platform that allows Firefox users to consent to the use of some browsing information for research studies.

Mozilla, Privacy

Firefox Moves to Cut Off Supercookie Tracking

In Firefox 85, Mozilla is partitioning several caches in the browser in order to prevent trackers from abusing them.

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Mozilla to Cut TLS Certificate Lifespan Nearly in Half

Mozilla will reduce the valid lifespan of TLS certificates in its root store to 398 days in a move to limit exposure for keys and certificates.

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