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Yubico, Microsoft Accelerate Retirement Plans for Passwords

Adoption and support for two-factor authentication continues to expand, as Yubico and Microsoft introduce new products designed to make passwords a thing of the past.

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Senators Question Lack of MFA at State Department

Five lawmakers have asked the Secretary of State for answers about his agency's failure to implement MFA despite a federal requirement to do so.


Microsoft Fixed Multi-factor Authentication Bypass Flaw

The flaw in Microsoft's Microsoft Entra ID Federation Services lets an attacker use the same second factor to bypass multi-factor authentication for any account running on the same service. Microsoft has patched the flaw.

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Reddit Breach Illustrates Dangers of 2FA Over SMS

Reddit had two-factor authentication enabled on the employee accounts that was breached. The SMS-based method is susceptible to attacks, and Reddit learned that the hard way.


Dennis Has Some Questions About…2FA

Two-factor authentication is a vital part of many corporate security strategies, and is now offered by lots of consumer apps, as well. We wanted to see how much users know about it, so we asked one.