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Apple Warns of Two Zero Days Under Attack

Apple is warning about two zero days in macOS and iOS that are under active attack.


New Spyware Campaigns Exploit iOS and Android Zero Days

Researchers at Google and Amnesty International have found new spyware campaigns that exploited multiple iOS, Android, and Linux zero days.

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Apple Patches iOS Zero Day, TCC Bypass in macOS

Apple has patched a zero day in WebKit that has been exploited in the wild, as well as a serious security bypass bug in macOS.


Apple to Encrypt iCloud Backups, Enable Hardware Security Keys for 2FA

Apple plans to enable end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups and allow people to use hardware security keys for 2FA in the coming months.


Apple Fixes Code Execution Flaw in Xcode

Apple has fixed four flaws in its Xcode IDE, including a remote code execution flaw in Git (CVE-2022-39260).