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Apple, Google Fix Zero Days Under Active Attack

Apple and Google have released fixes for iOS and macOS, and Chrome, respectively, to address bugs that have been exploited in the wild.

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CloudMensis macOS Malware Steals Sensitive Data

The previously undisclosed macOS malware was observed as part of a targeted operation with the end goal of exfiltrating sensitive information from victims.

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Apple Lockdown Mode ‘First Step Toward Mainstreaming Better Protections’

The new Lockdown Mode that will be in iOS 16 this fall will disable many features used to target at-risk users with commercial spyware tools.


Apple Fixes Zero Day in iOS, macOS

Apple has fixed a WebKit zero day in iOS and macOS that attackers are exploiting.


Microsoft Details Previously Fixed MacOS Flaw

Apple fixed the macOS vulnerability in a December security update.

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