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Atlassian Confluence Hardcoded Credentials Bug Actively Exploited

Researchers urged impacted organizations to “take steps immediately to mitigate the vulnerability" in Atlassian's Confluence Server and Data Center.


Atlassian Warns Confluence Users of Critical Hardcoded Credentials Bug

After an external party publicly disclosed the hardcoded password on Twitter, Atlassian said the issue is "likely to be exploited in the wild."

Flaw, Atlassian

Russian Actors Focus on Confluence Flaw

The majority of exploitation attempts against the recent Atlassian Confluence bug (CVE-2022-36134) are coming from Russia.


Attackers Exploit Confluence Bug to Drop Ransomware, Webshells

Exploitation of a critical, recently patched Atlassian Confluence bug continues to ramp up.

Atlassian, Rce

Zero Day in Atlassian Confluence Under Attack

A newly disclosed zero day in some versions of Atlassian Confluence and Data Center is under attack and being used to install webshells on target servers.