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Q&A: Chris Morales

Chris Morales, CISO at Netenrich, has held various roles throughout his career before becoming a CISO, including ones advising and designing incident response and threat management programs for enterprise organizations.

Ciso Q&a

Q&A: Bryan Willett

Bryan Willett, CISO at Lexmark, talks about why a “silver bullet” doesn’t exist in security and what he describes as a “multi-pronged” approach to building out a security program.

Ciso Q&a

Q&A: J Wolfgang Goerlich

J Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO for Cisco Secure, talks about why relationships are so important for CISOs when interacting with organizational leadership teams.

Ciso Q&a

Q&A: Wendy Nather

Wendy Nather, who leads the Advisory CISO team at Cisco, talks about the shift of security from a control organization to a service organization.

Ciso Q&a

Q&A: Rick Holland

Rick Holland, CISO at Digital Shadows, talks about the role of empathy in building out an organization’s security program.

Ciso Q&a