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Okta Says Breach Affected All Support Customers

Okta officials said that the September intrusion in its customer support system affected every company in the Okta system.

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Intel BootGuard, Firmware Signing Keys Found in MSI Data Leak

Researchers have discovered the firmware signing keys and Intel BootGuard keys for several manufacturers in data dumped by attackers who breached Taiwanese hardware maker MSI.

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LastPass Attacker Compromised Employee’s Personal Machine

An attacker who stole corporate and customer data from LastPass in 2022 gained initial access by compromising an engineer's personal computer.

Lastpass, Data Breach

The Bigger the Party, the Bigger the Risks

New data compiled by Cyentia Institute and SecurityScorecard shows that 98 percent of organizations have a direct relationship with a company that has been breached recently.

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Attacker Stole GoTo Customer Backups and Encryption Key

GoTo says an attacker stole some encrypted customer backups as well as an encryption key for some of those databases.

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