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Q&A: Mike Hanley

Mike Hanley, CSO of GitHub, recently joined Dennis Fisher on the Decipher podcast to discuss the White House open source security summit in January, the Log4j response, and the challenges of helping millions of developers secure their projects.


Decipher Podcast: Mike Hanley

Mike Hanley, CSO at GitHub and former VP of security at Duo Security, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about the open source security summit at the White House, the Log4j response, and how the tech industry can support the open source community.

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GitHub Opens Up Security Advisory Database

GitHub is opening is security Advisory Database to contributions to the community, allowing new research and improvements to help secure the software supply chain.


Flaw in Crypto Library Causes Revocation of SSH Keys for Git Services

A flaw in the keypair library that caused it to generate weak RSA keys for SSH has caused GitHub and other services to revoke many organizations' keys.

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GitHub Drops Passwords in Favor of 2FA

GitHub has eliminated support for passwords for Git operations and now requires the use of a hardware security key or other strong 2FA option.

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