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Google Cracks Down on Domains Used by Hack-For-Hire Groups

Hack-for-hire firms are targeting a range of accounts from Google and major webmail providers in credential theft campaigns.

Hack for Hire, Google

To Combat Zero Day Variants, ‘We Need Comprehensive Fixes’

At least half of the zero days exploited in the wild in 2022 are variants of previously fixed bugs, Google data shows.

Google, Zero Day

New Google Team to Help Critical Open Source Projects Improve Security

Google is creating a new Open Source Maintenance Crew to aid critical open source projects up their security game.

Google, Open Source Security

Urgent Update for Chrome Fixes Zero Day Under Attack

Google has patched a zero day in the V8 engine in Chrome that is under active attack.


Google Details New ‘Exotic Lily’ Initial Access Group

A new initial access broker known as Exotic Lily has used exploits for zero days and sells network access to cybercrime teams such as FIN12 for ransomware deployment.

Google, Malware