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Memory Safe: Dennis Fisher

In a special bonus Memory Safe episode, Dennis Fisher, Decipher’s editor in chief, talks about his decades of experience writing about cybersecurity news, the article he authored that inspired him to get into the industry (hint: it involved phishing) and how the cybersecurity news world has changed over the years.

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Memory Safe: Sherrod DeGrippo

In this week’s Memory Safe episode, Sherrod DeGrippo of Microsoft talks about her first experiences with hacker culture, why a Stanley Kubrik movie shows a glimpse of what AI is, and how she makes sure that “threat intelligence hits the right note.”

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Memory Safe: Casey Ellis

In the latest Decipher Memory Safe episode, Casey Ellis, founder and CTO of Bugcrowd, talks about everything from imposter syndrome to the security concept of “building it like it’s broken.”

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Memory Safe: Phil Venables

In Decipher’s latest Memory Safe episode, Phil Venables, CISO at Google Cloud, talks about how he came to work in the cybersecurity space, how CISOs can help prop up potential future CISOs, and “striving for secure products, not security products.”

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