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Fahmida brings over a decade of IT security news reporting along with ten years of network administration and software development to Decipher. Every security story has a human face, and her goal is to bring those stories to light. As the senior managing editor of Decipher, she will focus on ways security can impact how people live, work, and play. She enjoys working on stories that speak to those outside the security industry, highlighting the intersection of security and other technology areas. Over the years, she has seen enough to make her overzealous about her personal threat-model, but she doesn’t hold it against anyone for having a more relaxed worldview.

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Keeping Dependencies Straight in the Software Supply Chain

The nature of modern software development is that development teams have to rely on "blind trust" for some of the code components written by someone else. A new attack method showed how build systems could be tricked into pulling code from the wrong projects.

Software Development, Supply Chain, Open Source

Email Attackers Target Victims Based on Demographics

Criminals pay attention to user demographics to target specific types of users when crafting email-based attacks, a joint study from Google and Stanford found.


FDA Names New Head of Medical Devices Security

The Food & Drug Administration has appointed University of Michigan computer science researcher Kevin Fu to serve as the agency's Acting Director of Medical Device Cybersecurity.

Government, Medical Devices

Virginia Passes Consumer Data Protection Law

Virginia joins California in enacting a comprehensive data privacy law with the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, becoming the second state to have legislation giving consumers the right to access data organizations have collected about them.

Government, Data Protection

Privacy Rules Not Strictly Enforced for iOS, Android

New privacy-focused rules banning location trackers and requiring disclosing data collection rules for privacy are not consistently enforced on the App Store and Google Play.

Privacy, Mobile Apps