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Fahmida Y. Rashid

Senior Managing Editor

Fahmida brings over a decade of IT security news reporting along with ten years of network administration and software development to Decipher.

Every security story has a human face, and her goal is to bring those stories to light. As the senior managing editor of Decipher, she will focus on ways security can impact how people live, work, and play. She enjoys working on stories that speak to those outside the security industry, highlighting the intersection of security and other technology areas. Over the years, she has seen enough to make her overzealous about her personal threat-model, but she doesn’t hold it against anyone for having a more relaxed worldview.

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Congress About to Pass Security-Heavy Defense Bill

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the National Defense Authorization Act and the Senate is expected to vote on the defense appropriations bill this week.


Software Supply Chain Woes Afflict DockerHub, Too

Threat analysis firm Prevasio scanned the entire DockerHub and found that 51 percent of all container images had at least one critical vulnerability and 13 percent had at least one high-severity vulnerability. Researchers also identified 6,433 images that were malicious or potentially harmful.

Containers, Docker

Home Depot Settles With States Over 2014 Data Breach

The home improvement giant reached a $17.5 million settlement with 46 states and Washington, DC to resolve the investigation into the data breach that compromised the payment information of 40 million customers who used self-checkout terminals at its stores in the United States and Canada.

Data Breaches

Interpol Arrests Three in BEC Scam

The Nigeria Police Force, in partnership with Interpol and Group-IB, has arrested three men suspected of being part of a cybercriminal gang that specialized in business-email-compromise scams.


Public Exploits Give Attackers a Head Start

The latest research out of Kenna Security and Cyentia Institute compared how quickly defenders could remediate vulnerabilities and how quickly attackers could exploit the vulnerability in the wild.

Vulnerability, Exploit Defense