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Lindsey O’Donnell-Welch

Executive Editor

Lindsey O’Donnell-Welch is an award-winning journalist who strives to shed light on how security issues impact not only businesses and defenders on the front line, but also the daily lives of consumers.

In her previous position at Threatpost, Lindsey covered all aspects of the cybersecurity industry - from data privacy regulatory efforts to the evolution of underground cybercriminal marketplaces. Prior to that, Lindsey specialized in writing about microprocessors, enterprise business technology and the Internet of Things at CRN. In Lindsey’s spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and traveling.


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Ivanti Warns of Connect Secure, Policy Secure Zero Days

Patches will be released starting Jan. 22, but until then Ivanti urges customers to apply mitigations.

Zero Day

Decryptor Issued For Babuk Tortilla Ransomware Variant

Cisco Talos researchers also said that Dutch law enforcement has identified and apprehended the threat actor behind Babuk Tortilla operations.


Threat Actors Target Microsoft SQL Servers in Mimic Ransomware Attacks

Organizations based in the U.S., EU and Latin America have been targeted over the past few weeks.

Microsoft, Sql

What We Learned in 2023

2023 was one of the crazier years in recent memory for security news, and we did our best to make sense of it all. We gathered some of our friends to talk about what the biggest stories of the year were and what we learned from them.

Ai, Ransomware

Law Enforcement Disrupts BlackCat Ransomware Operation

In addition to creating the decryption tool, law enforcement agencies have also gained visibility into the ransomware group’s network and have seized several attacker-operated websites.