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Linux Worm Hits Unpatched Exim Servers

It took only a few days for a Linux worm to start exploiting the vulnerability in the Exim mail transfer agent. Microsoft said some Azure customers have already been affected.

Linux, Malware, Microsoft

Root Code Execution Flaw Threatens Container Platforms

A flaw in runC, the underlying container runtime for many platforms, can give an attacker root access to vulnerable hosts.

Containers, Linux

Flaw in APT Utility Allows Malicious Package Installation

A vulnerability in the APT package manager in Debian and Ubuntu allows an attacker to install malicious packages in some circumstances.


Old Flaw in Server Allows Root Access, File Overwrite

A vulnerability in the X Server software allows an authenticated attacker to gain root privileges and the ability to overwrite any files on a target system.


Set of Serious Bugs Haunts Ghostscript

A Google security researcher has discovered a series of sandbox bypass vulnerabilities in the Ghostscript interpreter that threaten many Linux servers.