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LockBit Ransomware Variant Targets VMware ESXi Servers

Researchers found an announcement on an underground forum for LockBit Linux-ESXi Locker version 1.0 in October.

Ransomware, Linux, Vmware

Imunify360 Flaw Can Lead to Code Execution

CloudLinux's Imunify360 security platform has a severe flaw (CVE-2021-21956) that can lead to remote code execution in some circumstances.


Privilege Escalation Flaw Found Buried in Linux File System

Researchers have uncovered a root privilege-escalation flaw that has been lurking in the Linux file system for at least seven years.


Sudo Flaw Gives Linux Users Root Access

Researchers from Qualys uncovered a major vulnerability in an application that allows administrators to delegate limited root access to regular users. While most major Linux distributions have released fixed versions of sudo, administrators still have to verify their systems are protected.

Linux, Vulnerability

Flaw in GRUB 2 Boot Loader Threatens Many Linux Systems

A buffer overflow (CVE-2020-10713) in the GRUB 2 boot loader can allow an attacker to gain code execution on many Linux systems and possibly some Windows computers.

Linux, Vulnerability