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Possible New Lazarus Group Backdoor Found

A new backdoor called WinorDLL that is potentially the work of the Lazarus Group has been found onn victim machines in several countries.

North Korea, Lazarus Group

CISA Warns of Ongoing Ransomware Attacks by North Korean Actors

CISA, the FBI, and NSA are warning about ongoing ransomware attacks by North Korean groups that target government agencies and defense companies.

North Korea, Ransomware

North Korean Attackers TA444 Shift Tactics

The TA444 threat group has changed its tactics in recent weeks, moving to new delivery methods and payloads.

North Korea

FBI Says Lazarus Group Behind $100 Million Harmony Bridge Heist

The FBI says the North Korean threat actor Lazarus Group is responsible for the theft of $100 million in cryptocurrency from Harmony Horizon Bridge in June.

Cryptocurrency, Fbi, North Korea

North Korean APT37 Used Internet Explorer Zero Day

A North Korean state-backed actor known for targeting South Korean victims recently used an Internet Explorer zero day (CVE-2022-41128).

Apt, North Korea