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Firefox Now Blocks Cryptominers and Fingerprinters

In Firefox 67, Mozilla has moved to block cryptominers and browser fingerprinters, which track users across the web.


WhatsApp Flaw Used in Targeted, Not Widespread, Attacks

A WhatsApp vulnerability has reportedly been used in highly targeted attacks to install spyware on victims' phones.

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FTC Pushes For Federal Privacy Law

The FTC is urging Congress to pass a broad federal privacy and security law--and allow the commission to be the enforcement authority for it.


Privacy Advocates Urge Creation of Data Protection Agency

As Congress considers various privacy bills, advocates are pushing for a federal data protection agency to enforce any new law.

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Utah Privacy Law Protects Data From Government

Absent any move on the federal level for a consumer data privacy law, states have passed their own laws. Utah is about to have a law that would require government to have a warrant to get any consumer data stored by third-party providers.

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