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IRS Facial Recognition Backlash Highlights Broader Privacy Concerns

Facial recognition technology is coming under fire for privacy concerns around how biometrics data is collected, stored and used.

Facial Recognition, Privacy

EARN IT Act Revival Renews Debate Over Online Privacy

Senators discussed the controversial act during a Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday.

Privacy, Encryption

Decipher Podcast: Jon Callas

Jon Callas, director of technology projects with EFF, talks about invasive data tracking and surveillance during the pandemic.

Podcast, Privacy

Hacker-For-Hire Operation Targets Politicians, Journalists Worldwide

A recently uncovered hacker-for-hire group offers services for hacking email inboxes and social media accounts of journalists, politicians and more.

Hacking, Privacy

Mozilla Rally Aims to Give Control of Personal Data Back to Users

Mozilla Rally is a new data platform that allows Firefox users to consent to the use of some browsing information for research studies.

Mozilla, Privacy