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Reworked Data Protection Act Hits Senate

The Data Protection Act of 2021 introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand would create a new Data Protection Agency.

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New Bill Would Bar Federal Agencies From Buying Data

The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act targets loopholes in the law that permit data brokers to sell American’s private data to government agencies without a court order.

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Apple Details Crackdown Efforts On Invasive Ad Tracking

Apple said its App Tracking Transparency rules will restrict advertisers’ abilities to track user behavior, while still giving them the option to analyze the impact of their ads.

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U.S. Senators Press Ad Exchanges on Data Privacy

Senators pressure eight digital advertising exchanges - including Twitter, Google and AT&T - to disclose who is collecting what specific user data during the real-time bidding process.

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Privacy Rules Not Strictly Enforced for iOS, Android

New privacy-focused rules banning location trackers and requiring disclosing data collection rules for privacy are not consistently enforced on the App Store and Google Play.

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