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Privacy, Security Concerns Mount Over Microsoft Recall Feature

Privacy experts are criticizing a new Microsoft screenshot feature called Recall on its recently announced Copilot Plus PCs.


New EARN IT Act Has Old Issues

The newest version of the EARNT IT Act still has language that would force platform providers to weaken or abandon encrypted services.

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Apple, Google Develop Specification to Address Unwanted Bluetooth Tracking

Apple and Google have submitted a draft IETF specification to alert users when they are being tracked by Bluetooth accessories such as AirTags.

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Decipher Podcast: Michelle Finneran Dennedy

Michelle Finneran Dennedy, co-founder of Privacy Code and co-author of The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto, joins Dennis Fisher to talk about her new startup, her path from studying psychology to becoming the first chief privacy officer at Sun and Cisco, and what everyone gets wrong about privacy.

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FTC Moves to Address Pervasive Commercial Surveillance

The FTC may consider rules to address the abuses of commercial surveillance by ad tech companies and platform providers.

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