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Senators Plan COVID-19 Data Protection Bill

Four senators are planning to introduce the COVID-19 Data Protection Act to regulate the collection, use, and transfer of health and location data related to virus infections.


Tracking By Any Name Is Still A Privacy Concern

Google and Apple are teaming up on a contact-tracing framework, but even with the privacy safeguards they have promised, there are still concerns over how this kind of data collection impacts user privacy.

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Decipher Library: First Edition

We've put together a list of security and privacy related book recommendations from people across the industry, from technical manuals to histories to cyberpunk fiction.

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Washington Is First State to Regulate Facial Recognition

As the first state with with a law regulating how government agencies can use facial recognition software, Washington provides other states with a blueprint on how—and how not to—tackle the security and privacy questions around the technology.

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EFF Says Privacy Loopholes Remain in CCPA

California is expected to begin enforcing its new consumer privacy law starting July 1, but the Electronic Frontier Foundation is concerned about all the loopholes that still remain.

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