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ACM Calls for Suspension of Facial Recognition Use

The Association for Computing Machinery, a venerable computing society, has called for the immediate suspension of the use of facial recognition systems until regulation is in place.


Bills Would Ban Federal Use of Facial Recognition

Legislation introduced in both the House and Senate would ban the use of facial recognition systems by federal entities.


Two Years of GDPR Changed Privacy Landscape

Two years may have passed since enforcement of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation began, but regulators are just wrapping up the first wave of investigations. Change comes slowly in the realm of data privacy, and it is still too soon to try to improve the regulation.

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Senators Plan COVID-19 Data Protection Bill

Four senators are planning to introduce the COVID-19 Data Protection Act to regulate the collection, use, and transfer of health and location data related to virus infections.


Tracking By Any Name Is Still A Privacy Concern

Google and Apple are teaming up on a contact-tracing framework, but even with the privacy safeguards they have promised, there are still concerns over how this kind of data collection impacts user privacy.

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