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Privacy Advocates Urge Creation of Data Protection Agency

As Congress considers various privacy bills, advocates are pushing for a federal data protection agency to enforce any new law.

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Utah Privacy Law Protects Data From Government

Absent any move on the federal level for a consumer data privacy law, states have passed their own laws. Utah is about to have a law that would require government to have a warrant to get any consumer data stored by third-party providers.

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Android Q Steps Up Location Privacy

Google's Android Q will include a handful of changes to the way that the OS deals with location privacy and other app permissions.

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Don’t Despair, Good Privacy Days Ahead

The future of privacy is neither futile or pretty good. New regulations are on the way, but there will also be more challenge about rampant surveillance, ACLU tech fellow Jon Callas said.

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Privacy, Policy, and the Illusion of Control

Congress seems intent on passing federal data privacy legislation, but simply giving consumers more control won't be enough.