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SIM Hijacking Attack Lands Hacking Group Member in Jail

The sentencing comes as the FCC grapples with how it can better safeguard consumers against SIM hijacking attempts.

Hacking, Government, Mobile Security

Hacker-For-Hire Operation Targets Politicians, Journalists Worldwide

A recently uncovered hacker-for-hire group offers services for hacking email inboxes and social media accounts of journalists, politicians and more.

Hacking, Privacy

Q&A: Joseph Menn on the Cult of the Dead Cow

In his new book on the Cult of the Dead Cow hacking group, Joseph Menn describes the environment that led to the cDc's creation and why the group remains so influential after more than 35 years.


Attackers Move Quickly, Defenders Need to Keep Up

Enterprise defenders have a very narrow window of opportunity to detect a compromise before attackers spread out through the network and cause more damage. For nation-state attackers, that breakout time is a handful of hours.

Hacking, Data Breaches

Q&A: David Scott Lewis

David Scott Lewis was the model for the David Lightman character in WarGames, a true hacker classic.