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ProxyShell, Log4J Among Most Commonly Exploited Bugs in 2021

The ProxyShell, Log4J, and Zerologon bugs were among the most commonly exploited ones in 2021, according to a new advisory from the NSA and other agencies.

NSA, Proxyshell

Cuba Ransomware Exploits Microsoft Exchange Flaws

Ransomware actors have increasingly shifted their tactics to exploit flaws as part of their initial infection vector.

Ransomware, Microsoft Exchange, Proxyshell

Attackers Exploit Known Microsoft Exchange Server Flaws to Hijack Emails

Cybercriminals are using the known ProxyLogon and ProxyShell vulnerabilities to hijack email threads in malware attacks.

Microsoft Exchange, Proxyshell

ProxyShell Attacks Escalate

Attackers are stepping up their scanning for Exchange servers vulnerable to the ProxyShell vulnerabilities and installing webshells, ransomware, and other malware.

Microsoft Security, Proxyshell